June 2003

We had a better turnout at Newark this year, the weather was really good and there was no football match!!

Signed up a few new members and had quite a lot of interested people looking for cars. 1 hope those who joined and have a car are enjoying themselves, and those looking for a car will find something soon.

Welcome to Jed & Nova who turned up after recently purchasing we think one of the first Merlin's made, without a full running board. We believe this was the first imported version from America. Two things single this car out. One is the absence of running boards, the other, the Volkswagen motor stuck in the rear of the car. Even more bazaar is the boot under the bonnet, the foot wells, which seem to go on forever and the fuel tank where everyone else has an engine.

We carried on with our birthday celebrations again at Newark. A smaller cake was prepared and Nova kindly did the honour of cutting it. This was washed down in true Merlin style with more bubbly.

Again we decided to take a trip to the Bromley Arms, a nice little pub on the River Trent (by the way we've discovered a quicker way to the pub, good for next year)

However because we had put up the gazebo and didn't want to leave it in case it was blown away, it was agreed that we would walk it over to the camp site where a few members we camping overnight. 1 can tell you it was a strange sight with one of us on each corner and Andy cracking the whip in the middle.

I think he thought he was an Egyptian King with his sedan chair, except he had to walk as well. We gave an oncoming car quite a fright as he drove under the gazebo!!

After a very satisfying meal we departed our separate ways to ready ourselves for the next day.

Sunday turned out very good again, it was so nice to see more members, and hopefully we can rekindle the old spirit at Newark, as it used to be such a great weekend. Maybe we will camp next year and the Bl3Q tradition can return.

Look forward to seeing you all again in 2004 at Newark.