June 2004

Newark weekend turned out to be a bit damp to say the least, just like those of the past. We had about 13 to 14 different cars over the weekend, so considering the weather quite good.

We took one of the club gazebos, definitely needed these days. Met a few new members and tried to sell a Merlin, have you managed to sell it yet Val? We did try to discourage Val from selling but don’t know if we succeeded.


We had Dave Daniels staying with us over the weekend, and the idea as usual is that if anyone wanted to go for a meal on Saturday after the show we would make off in convoy to a local pub.

However Wiltold and some of his friend (how many? at least 10) had decided to camp and brought with them a complete Polish banquet. So we walked the Club gazebo over to their campsite again for extra cover.

They were busy over at the campsite cutting tomatoes, boiling pounds of potatoes and preparing loads of delicious looking meat dishes and getting ready for a great night. But it rained and as I already had the snuffles, Andy, Dave and myself missed out on the delicacies and returned home and ordered a Chinese takeaway!!

However I know from others who did stay that the Polish brandy and vodka kept the cold and damp at bay.

Thanks Wiltold for keeping up the BBQ spirit. Maybe we will be able to join you next year. ( Seems Wiltold didn’t look too good the next morning ).


Sunday saw another damp and miserable day but we still had a few more cars and I’m sure all those who attended enjoyed themselves. There were plenty of things in the sheds including the Robot Wars contestants and another good autojumble for those looking for the odd nut or bolt.

Hopefully next year we may have some better weather. Perhaps we can better the turnout once again.

Till next time