June 2005

We were hoping that the weather this year would be a great improvement on that of last year.

With luck it was, however it was so hot I think it put a lot of people off, or were there too many other things happening that weekend.

We didn’t need the gazebo for the rain, but for the intense sunshine, still mustn’t complain.

We usually have a couple of Merlin owner friends staying with us over the weekend but Dave’s Daniels wife Sue was struggling with her back problems and I think Barry had something else on. Poor Wiltold who usually brings the population of Poland, had just had a knee operation so was unfit to drive so he couldn’t make it either. I wondered who would be there!

However over the weekend we had a total of 7 cars. There were 5 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday (for those maths experts who think that I can’t add up, two were the same cars over the two days).

On Saturday there were us, Paul Johnstone, Clive and Margaret, Gerald Townsend (one of the oldest split running board, Vauxhall models, probably the only one now, the car not Gerald) and John and Mel.

Sunday was us again, John and Mel, Dave and Daphne and Alan Brown in his Bra car (you will understand what I mean when you see a picture)


It was therefore quite a relaxing affair, a little business was done, some membership renewals, one T-shirt sold and the rest of the time we just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine.

This year at Newark a new exhibition hall was being used. It threw us a bit as we had been allocated a different pitch and I couldn’t quite get my bearings. It will probably be better next year now we know the new layout.

We are still having quite a few enquiries regarding cars for sale at the shows so if, for some really un-see able reason!!!, you are thinking of selling your beloved motor let Barry Jones or Dave Harrison have the details. They can be put in the club magazine and on the web site for you.

The show was quite well attended by the public but the halls did not seem to be as full as usual. However it is still a great show to pick up those odds and ends you need and to meet up with likewise members and discuss any problems or just for a quick catch up on news.

There was a good selection of craft and other stalls for all the family to enjoy and spend their pennies on.

Normally on a Saturday evening a few of us make up a convoy and find a local pub and have a meal. As there we only two of us left by home time we went our separate ways and we headed for the takeaway to enjoy with a bottle of wine in the conservatory.

One member turned up in a very extraordinary car! Actually it was his motor bike. Chad had been asked to drive a friend’s kit car back from the show and his bike would be taken home in the back of a van. It was a surprise to see someone from ‘Easy rider’ suddenly zoom onto the site.

A special thank you to John Knott and his mate Mel, all the way from Northumberland for the two days. I wondered whether they had got caught in the storm that hit up north on their way home. I trust they have dried out by now if so.

Heres to next years Newark show. I hope more of you can make it. Make sure you get the date in your diary when it’s released.

Hopefully Witold will be fully recovered and we can join him and his family in their Polish feast.

Until next time, I’ll say bye for now.