April 2004

Our first main outing of this year was Stoneleigh Kit Car Show over the early May Bank holiday weekend.

Andy and I set out early on Saturday morning, the sun was shining and we thought, great, the heavens are shining on us today. We got to the showground and were amazed; no stunned to find the most enormous grass covered mound on one side of the site. What were they feeding the moles on, genetically modified food? After walking round it several times, Andy had to climb it didn’t he! (the first of many by the way)

We have since turned down a number of approaches from such as the Dakar owners who are not only jealous of the size of our plot but thought one or two of their cars would look good on top of the mound.

Anyway we managed to decide where to put our tent and set about the job.

The weather was still good, so far. Several others started to arrive including Margaret and Clive with their caravan, which was soon in position.

We got our tent up and had nearly completed the odds and sods inside when Monique, Darren and Simon arrived. They had brought a marquee (or should we call it ‘the Hall’ it was very grand. They set about erecting it with some help. We finished putting up our tent and then the obvious happened, the heavens opened. Only one thing for it, shelter in The Hall or visit Margaret and Clive, we opted for the latter, the offer of coffee too tempting.

We were quite snug in the caravan when Amanda, Mark & Nadia arrived with their trailer tent. There was no way it was going up just yet! More coffee and tea in the caravan, it was definitely cosy now, we were packed in like sardines.

After about an hour and a half the rain eased a little and some bold souls helped Mark to erect the trailer tent at last, just in time. The rain then persisted but the Hall was erected safely and we started to get it ready for the weekend.















Now last year as you will all recall was the Clubs 21 st Birthday, we had great celebrations and wondered if we could top that, anything else to celebrate?

Well yes, our dearly loved chairman, Dave Farman had only tied the knot the previous Saturday to Sandy, and were to spend part of their honeymoon at Stoneleigh (he had promised Sandy something a little more luxurious later on). I did offer them a swap, their hotel room for our two-bedroom tent! But they declined this most generous offer, can’t understand why- I could even supply a hot water bottle!










Anyway we decided to give them a surprise and decorated the Hall with banners, balloons and lots of food and bubbly to celebrate the occasion. Their wedding day theme was based around Champagne, and Amanda produced a champagne bottle shaped cake to be washed down with the real stuff.

The barbecues were lit and everyone who had arrived that day set about enjoying the evening with plenty of food and drink as usual, catching up with old friends and perhaps making new acquaintances.

The honeymoon couple sloped off eventually, excusing themselves because it had got a little cool. Quelle Surprise!!!


The rest of us stayed and kept warm around the nightlights, enjoying the party mood we were now all in until at last all were tucked up in bed ready for the next day.

Sunday morning came and it was time to get down to business. We welcomed many more old friends and members and some new ones.








After a decent cooked breakfast it was time to prepare for the AGM.

No problems with this years venue. Committee members and members attended the conference hall to discuss the past years venues and to chat about anything that could benefit the club. Any ideas members may have on improving or helping out in any way.

The committee was re elected with the addition of Dave Harrison.

I thanked everybody who had joined in and helped with any of the activities last year. The trip to Normandy in 2003 went splendidly as usual. All who came thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Dave Daniels kindly did a write-up article.

The Running Board Rally in Henley-on-Thames was another good weekend and the weather last year was glorious.

Newark turned out better than expected, more cars last year, we hope to keep this up.

The late Bank holiday weekend in Derbyshire proved excellent, a great turn out again, an article was written by Dave Harrison, thanks Dave.

We didn’t manage a September weekend, but hopefully this year we will manage one.

I thanked Monique, Darren and Simon for the loan of the Marquee (which will henceforth be known as Merlin Hall) It was a great addition and proved very popular, less draughts than our old gazebos. Please bring it next year!!!!!!!!

Barry will no doubt give a full report of the AGM so I will say no more.

I ended the meeting asking for support for the rest of the year’s activities. The Brittany trip is fully booked and those lucky enough to be going would be setting off in a few weeks. (I’m sure there will be a full report later) Don’t forget to register your interest in the 2005 holiday, no location decided as yet, will keep you posted.

After the AGM had ended we all got back to base to continue with the rest of the weekend.

Sunday night found us all partaking of another BBQ but sadly no ‘Jesse pudding’

Roma and Dave had broken down on the way to Stoneleigh but undeterred had been taken back home, and finally arrived in the early evening, Merlinless and puddingless!!!!!!!!

I’m sure they’ll make up for it next year!!

After another late night we all trooped off to our beds, ready for the next day.

Amanda and Mark worked hard at taking the membership fees Remember it is now £7, still cheap compared to some clubs. I tried to sell some Tee Shirts, still have some left!! Barry is always looking for some more material to put in the magazine or on the website, so if any of you have; jokes, tips, cars to sell trips you have made let him have the information.

Over the whole weekend we had about 26 to 30 different cars, (don’t forget to sign in so that I can keep a record), so it wasn’t too bad a turnout. It would be great to see the numbers increase though, so all those who haven’t been before come and join us for a great weekend. I have spoken to a few new members who have bought second hand cars and would love to meet them all next year as well as all those who haven’t been for a while. We are still well and truly up and running and enjoying more activities with more people every year.

Sadly all good things come to an end and after another hectic day on Monday everything was packed away for the return trip home.

See you all next year.