June 2006

Well what can I say, the weather was glorious again so we decided that we would camp and join in any BBQ that the polish contingence may have.

But alas Witold was not coming. Hopefully there would be other members camping but we would have to see.

At least we had the campervan this year so we would again be comfortable and have a nice big shade to keep out the sun, or the rain if the weather should change.

Don’t know what these two cars got up to during the night?


Over the two days we had 10 different cars, so not too bad this year.

On Saturday we did manage a BBQ, not quite up to the numbers in Stoneleigh, and we did “borrow” a few members from the Marches Kit Car Club, Dave Harrison’s local club. They were very welcome and we all enjoyed our bangers and burgers.

John & Mel came down from Northumberland again, gluttons for punishment, especially as John’s car developed a flat battery and he ended up push staring it the whole weekend. Well if you will only spend a tenner on a new battery, what do you expect!


I think he ended up spending a little more on a new one, but he still had problems, maybe not the battery then John?

We didn’t see much of them that evening, something about going out for a curry and then on to the entertainment hall at Newark.

We thought we would make a visit to the “entertainment” as well. The first time for most of us. There was a Coldplay tribute band on that evening called “Coldplace”.

I don’t think they were quite the right act for this event, bearing in mind the average age of the audience seemed to be about 55 . Not exactly dance music.

We shared our table with a couple of old guys from another club. Well you know the two old geezers from The Muppet Show, sitting in the balcony and heckling, these two did this all night whilst the band was playing. “Rubbish, get off, boo” they cried. Quite embarrassing. They weren’t that bad, just not right for the occasion.

Where’s Waldolf?

People were so bored that they started a competition of stacking plastic glasses on their tables. I’ve never seen so much concentration on faces as they piled the plastic glasses up to the ceiling. How much fun can you have with an empty plastic beer glass? It was like a domino effect, once one table started, the next would take up the challenge.


Even the children joined in, waiting anxiously for us to down our drinks so they could whip the empty glasses away. There were some mega towers around with tables trying to outdo one another. Still it was all good fun, and the management didn’t seem to object.

However it was all too much for some of our group, too much excitement for the evening, so they toddled off to their B& B a few miles away.


We stayed almost to the end, found John & Mel at the bar, where else, and left them to it.


Time for bed. New day tomorrow.

Another fine day dawned on Sunday and we got ready for the influx.

More like trickle, but we were very grateful for all those who made it.


Ged Towsend joined us with one of the oldest Merlins again, its still looking pretty good too. This is one of the first Merlins made, without a full running board. We believe this was the first imported version from America. Two things single this car out. One is the absence of running boards, the other, the Volkswagen motor stuck in the rear of the car. Even more bazaar is the boot under the bonnet, the foot wells, which seem to go on forever and the fuel tank where everyone else has an engine.


Thanks to Gary, David & Linda, Daphne & Dave, Ged, John & Mel, Peter & Norma, Fred, Margaret & Clive, Mike & his son, the Marches members and anyone else I’ve forgotten. Oh and we were there too of course. We all still had a good weekend and the weather was once again kind to us.

We hope everyone enjoyed the show and will return next year as it is the 25th Anniversary of the Newark Kit Car Festival. The organisers are looking for suggestions for the event, any ideas let me or preferably them have them or tel : 01526 320721

As Andy & I will probably be away for next years show we will be looking for someone who is prepared to man the stand for the weekend, any takers, please call or email or tel: 0115 9673541