September 2005 & 2006

Andy & I attended the show at Donnington race course last year as well as this year.


In 2005 it was held in October, so it was with some trepidation we went. However the weather was quite bright and we were surprised to see Dave Harrison and Mike Woolridge turn up. Mikes son was driving his own car some sort of mini on the track, but we didn’t mange to see him. Dave’s friend Andy came also in his Interceptor. So we did have a small gathering.


There weren’t many stalls there though and in the hall were the industry’s manufacturers showing off their respective kits.

It was nice to meet up with a face from the past. Anthony Bradshaw and his family are rebuilding a Merlin. I remember Anthony when he used to bring his V8 Merlin to the shows years ago. It was nice to see he was still interested.


We went down to watch some of the racing on the track. You can take your car (for a price) around the track for half an hour or so and see what time you can get. Don’t think it’s for us but it was quite interesting watching the different kits and performances.


We went both days and although there wasn’t that much to do it was quite pleasant.


However this year was a different story. It cost nothing for the Kit car driver but I had to pay £10, (I can’t remember what it was in 2005) rather a lot for such a show.

It was held in September, and should have been better weather but regrettably wasn’t. We arrived about midday but saw no other Merlins at all.

Anthony who had turned up last year was also there but still has not finished his car.

Don’t know what this is but its pretty ugly (Donnington 2005)

Who put the "IT" in Kitcar.


The stalls were all the same as last year as was the manufacturer’s 

There didn’t seem to be as many cars on the club stands either.


So after spending several hours sitting around, by about 5 we were ready to leave, and couldn’t decide whether to return on the Sunday.


However as we were leaving we met John & Mel from Northumberland, they had been there all the time. John had taken his car on the track for a couple of circuits, and we had missed them.
He has sent some photos just to prove that he did it. He says his best time was 1 min 53 seconds and he was quite disappointed, although he had plenty of power the back end was too light and was sliding all over. He will try to sort out the suspension for next year but he had great fun even when he ended up on the grass at one stage


It was a shame we hadn’t seen him on the track but at least we weren’t the only Merlin.

Sunday started off quite dull so we didn’t go back. Our apologies for anyone who did turn up to an empty stand that day.


I’m not sure if anyone is interested in attending next year, we will probably be away , but you can still attend even if there is no club site, or contact the organisers on 01737 225857 Limelight Exhibitions for more information

All the best