On Holiday

Merlins in the Peak District of Derby - 2009


This year it was time to return to the Peak District, a beautiful place. When the sun shines! Merlins have been there before, several times, to the same campsite, and it hasn't changed. Actually, it's not a bad campsite, but they really should do something about the humps in the road and the guy who stays in the caravan on the exit road junction. The former are far too high unless you're driving a Chelsea Tractor and the latter seems to keep fit by chasing cars who have dodged the one way system in a bid to avoid humps and thereby maintain exhaust and suspension systems!

But, in spite of this and the inclement weather, a good time was had by all.

Putting up tents on the Friday evening was very amusing to those who had opted to stay in B & B (the 'wimps'), but we enjoyed a barbeque and a little light refreshment and I think all of us had just about dried out when it was time to get up on Saturday morning.

Saturday saw us at Chatsworth House where several of us had not been before. Very impressive gardens, although some of the sculptures left most of us wondering how we could jump on the band waggon and make money out of fooling people.

The weather wasn't conducive to barbequeing, so we all had an evening meal at a charming pub a few miles away which was the only one that would take 15 people at short notice.

Sunday saw us on the snake pass - breathtaking scenery - but, again, the weather was against us and, having decided it wasn't worth a three hour wait to visit the caves and enjoy an underground boat trip, we spent the afternoon in Castleton and returned early.

Again, it wasn't barbeque weather, so we cooked our own food and enjoyed a little light refreshment, some a bigger 'little' than others!

Monday we got the tents down before the heavens opened again and all wended our weary ways homeward late morning.

Thanks to Witold, who organised the weekend and made two trips on the Friday and Monday to set up the camp and then strike it.

The first set of photos were taken by Ruud and Gonnie below and the second set were taken by Giddy and Lara.