Build Manuals

We have recently acquired 2 build manuals, one for the original TF and one for the 2+2 Monro, thanks to Neil Harris and Ian Keep. If anyone has any others (or a better copy of the TF manual) please email the Webteam and we'll arrange to get it scanned and posted here.

3rd July - now, thanks to Pete Wass, we have a more versatile copy of the TF manual and, as an extra bonus, added as the last page are some suggestions by Neil Harris for revisions to the early chassis (before about number 355)

18th July - Pete has come up with more - an SVA manual! It is a bit out of date, but it hasn't actually changed much since. (Please be aware that this file is larger than 6mB and may take a while to download)

TF Build Manual

2+2 Build Manual

SVA Manual