Rebuilding a Merlin

with Grahame Prior

Here goes !!

A bit of History.

Following seeing the merlin for sale in my local Auto trader and my son already having a Robin Hood kit car , I was tempted to go to see it. The following week it was no longer in the listing for sale, I presumed it had been sold. However for what ever reason I decided to ring the number from the previous weeks mag. To my surprise the car was still for sale. I arranged to see it the day after. Went there with My son and the bank manager (Wife)!! to look at it. Following the usual negotiations I was now the proud owner of a Merlin.

The interior has a wood dash, with red carpeting on the floor, doors and side panels.

Exterior in what appears to be Vauxhall Antarctic White ? . The offside wing had been hit causing a crack ( repaired ) but a lot of paint stress fractures over the wing. Several stone chips over the 2 rear wings. I have decided the whole car needs re-spraying to bring it back to a presentable condition.

The rear fog and reversing lamp has bad pitting and will need replacing same with the side mirrors.

Not having unlimited funds the restoration is being carried out with minimal cost. This may be a shock to those with deep pockets who can call on the experts to do each job. But not wanting to spend many months with the car stripped.

With the help of my son Ian, we have started with the interior. From finishing work at six, into the garage till after 11 each night we started with the door panels. The red carpeting is being removed and I have purchased on ebay some cream leatherette material (good place to find allsorts of bits for the car)

The panels from the doors were made from hardboard covered with the carpet. We used the hardboard as a template on some 5mm plywood covered this with 15mm foam then covered with the leather. Then cut in the speakers. With my expert skills in upholstery! Ha Ha the job doesn’t look too bad.

The panels have been attached using industrial self adhesive Velcro and also glued with a glue gun. This avoids the need to have screws of some sort showing and allows the easy removal if required. The top has been finished off with some black piping.

We have now started on the side and rear panels these were just carpet glued the shell with thin foam backing. We are making panels for these same as the doors.

The paintwork will also be carried out by us keeping the same colour, but will wait for warmer weather. The engine is to be totally cleaned, replacing pipes etc where needed.

That’s all for now will keep you up to date of the progress

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