Fitting a Tow Bar

by Bill Herrett

What I have done is to use two pieces of 2x2 angle iron 15ins long, cut approx. 4ins from the end about 11/2ins through, bend to extend out about three inches from the body, and are weld joint. These then bolt through the chassis using a piece of 2x 1/4 inch bar to prevent bolts damaging chassis, bolted to existing outer bumper bar bolts. Two bolts then pass through the plate, chassis and angle clamping the three together. The piece of 3x2 angle can be bolted to the ends of the brackets 3ins width at the top, the 1/4 bumpers can then be bolted to the 2inch side with the inner bolts passing through both three angle and the original bumper bracket. All the bars are therefore covered in and the reversing and fog fights can be bolted to the top of the bar.