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I am selling my Merlin. Due to my condition, (Parkinson's) I am finding it increasing harder to work on the car. The next owner will only need a small amount of vehicle engineering prowess to complete the work as nearly all of the major items have been completed.

The car currently has an MOT to May 2020 and up to 4 weeks ago I was regularly using the car to shop etc. With the hood fitted, the car is totally dry and driving in rain is no issue. I have installed electric variable power steering, which to be frank is fantastic. One can spin the steering wheel from lock to lock just with the use of the heel of one hand, there is an article (see Dave Daniels report on the club website where I got my inspiration from).

Car information: Ex factory built by Merlin, in fact the last one they made. The car uses a Ford Sierra as the donor vehicle.
Engine: Ford 2.0 EFi DOHC.
Gearbox: MT75 - A well respected gearbox, Synchromesh on all gears including reverse. Reverse can be selected at forward speeds up to 30mph - (Not tried though!)
Suspension: Independent all round.

Work Completed: I removed the engine and sent it off to have the head cleaned up as there was a small weep coming from the head gasket. (Engineer: Coltune, Hedge End, Southampton). Moved a piece of Box section to allow the Engine/Gearbox to be removed and installed with body shell still in place. (Welder: Onsite Special Engineering Limited
All side and indicator lights changed to LED.        
All brake pads renewed.
New screen washer bottle installed and new wiper blades fitted.
New Headlamps installed along with extra bright lamps.

Work required: On the MOT, there is one advisory, the suspension dampers have oil mist leaking from them and either need to be serviced or replaced. A welded seam on the silencer box has a small gap, needs welding.

Extra: These are some of the jobs I would find nice to complete but not essential:
Push/pull levers for the Cabin heater, Morris 1000 type controls.
A better design for the soft top doors or even a designed replacement. I have written to a plastics company to see if my idea is worthy.
Proper fixing of the manual electric fan override switch.
Overall: The cabin heater is extremely efficient, burns my leg!.
The Engine is ECU controlled and starting and running the car is great -, stand outside the car, lean inside and turn the key and she starts first time, the ECU takes care of it.
A small amount of tidying up of parts of the carpets.
The Merlin is MOT’ed and I drive the car weekly.


Sale price: £6,500 (neg)